Community Awareness on Biodiversity Conservation

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When it comes to the use of natural resources women and men play different roles. This is so because of gender norms where women are culturally responsible for managing natural resources by taking responsibility of collecting water and firewood for domestic purposes as well as providing health care using natural resources from the forest to produce medicine. Besides this, according to BRAAC (2020), 70% of women contribute towards agriculture in Malawi; showing that women also have a responsibility of ensuring there is food security within the household.

The roles women have in managing natural resources allows them to have ample knowledge on how to handle and get the maximum output of these resources.

Community awareness on biodiversity conservation was done at Mwambuli village in Karonga, Matuwi village in Mangochi and Phweremwe village in Mulanje. The engagement allowed the team to have a profound knowledge on how climate change in affecting the different districts in particular. The level of engagement was satisfactory on account of the exchange of scientific knowledge and indigenous knowledge.