Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience

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Mental Health was a topic that only a few were aware of. Only those who had a privilege to access technology and internet had an idea on what mental health is and the different types of it.

As a result, many people suffer from mental health illness but still have no clue that they have the illness or worse, how to deal with it.

Suicide rates in Malawi continue increase especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020. As a consequence of the drastic effects the pandemic had on people’s livelihoods, it caused people to become really stressed out and others depression. People had to close down their businesses, others lost their jobs with that some parents were unable to provide food in their homes or be able to provide school fees for their kids after schools reopened, affecting children as well.

As part of Covid-19 Resilience and Recovery. Green Girls Platform decided to create a safe space in form of clubs for girls to come together and talk about the experiences they went through during the Covid-19 Pandemic and what they did to deal with the situation. Schools like Bunda primary school, Mitundu primary school, Youth Care secondary school, Natural Resources College and Bunda College were visited and this helped girls and young women encourage each other and boost one another’s self-confidence.