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Green girls Platform believes the most impactful tool one has is their story. Advocacy story campaigns are the driving force of progress. They call to  attention issues or problems, identify solutions, coordinate efforts of the masses, and work to bring about changes that will make our world a better place.

Green girls platform was one of the 2021 chosen fellows for the PACE Project funded by USAID and led by PRB, whose training programs aim to support youth advocates in telling compelling health, environment, and development stories and building movements for policy change within their communities and countries through innovative digital campaigns. Using fact-based storytelling, video making, and social media tools in combination with dialogue-based community events. Youth participants in the program collaborate with their peers to share powerful advocacy messages targeting local populations and key decision makers.

A high-quality multimedia product and policy advocacy campaign was launched  to make change in our community on 17 December, 2021.  The advocacy goal in this program is for the government of Malawi to mainstream gender in the implementation of the national climate change management policy in Salima district by December, 2023. The campaign production was done in Salima, Kabumbu 1 Village as one of the villages heavily affected by climate change and the women and girls there are left out when it comes to decision making towards climate action!.

The policy campaign was launched on PLFM Television and its social media platforms to reach a large audience on the advocacy goal. The team also had a community engagement with the Traditional Authority Pemba in Salima, the Area Development Committee as well as the ward Councilor. This was a stakeholder mapping engagement meeting with the aim of knowing key players for climate action in the area, and women and girls involvement in projects around the area.

The policy advocacy campaign is an on-going program until the policy goal is achieved. Green Girls Platform aims to achieve and also help people understand the policy, its context and the objectives of the policy campaign in order to work together to bring about changes that will make our communities a better place.