Green Girls Platform

We are a non profit organisation that works to address the violence girls face due to the impacts of climate change. We work on capacity building, promoting climate justice, evidence based policy advocacy, raising awareness of sexual and reproductive health rights and providing leadership skills to girls and young women.

Our Mission

Green Girls Platform mission is to make sure that girls and young women in Malawi have sustainable adaptation, mitigation options that enable them and their families to be lifted out of poverty.

Our Vision

We are determined to ensure that gender and women’s rights are placed on the climate change and environment local, national and global agendas through the active participation of young girls and women through enhancing and increasing the number of women and girls participating in climate change and environmental programmes at local and national governance structures and advocating for climate financing to support to women led interventions on adaption and strengthening of women led climate justice networks and initiatives.

GGP’s Core Values

Capacity Building

Strengthening young girls and women knowledge, leadership, evidence based policy advocacy, effective communication and mobilization skills to manage impacts of climate change and being able to engage in local level adaptation and mitigation actions.


Increasing the number of women and young girls taking part in climate change and environmental governance at community and national level, Green Girls Platform will also engage in lobbying climate financing from local councils at community level.

Girls and Women Empowerment

Engaging in community mobilization targeting young women and girls and raising awareness on climate justice, gender justice, economic justice and also women and girls’ rights in context of climate change and gender.

Promoting Gender Equality

Ensuring that women and girls’ rights in the context of climate change and environmental policies are placed at the center and enhancing their ability to demand equal opportunities in climate related adaptation and mitigation programmes.

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