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Ireen Talipu

Ireen Talipu is a 22 years old, born and raised in Zomba district. She did her primary school and secondary school at St Bakhita Girls Secondary School. She is currently studying land administration at Natural Resources College. She is confident, flexible and ready to learn new things.

Alinafe Lidamlendo

Alinafe Lidamlendo is a climate justice activist and is passionate about the environment. Alinafe obtained a Diploma in Environmental Management and Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Management.

She has volunteered with the Government in the District Environmental Office and also with Trocaire as an advocate for Climate Justice. She likes working with teams who are passionate about taking care of the environment.

Bester K Mphande

Bester K Mphande has a Diploma from which she obtained from Natural Resources college (NRC). Bester is also currently self-employed running a business.

Maureen Chimpanda

Maureen Chimpanda is an entrepreneur and nnvironmentalist currently based in Kasungu, Malawi. She is a holder of Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management obtained from the University of Livingstonia in 2017. She is a co-founder of Youth Progressive Environmental Solutions (YPES). She also has experience in Environmental Conservation and Disaster Risk Management.

Magret Black

Magret Black  is a holder  of a Diploma  in Environmental  Management and Technology with credit  obtained at LUANAR. Currently, she is pursuing Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science and Technology, in year  three  at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences. Magret is efficient  in assisting communities on environmental technologies  such as  biomass, briquettes making  and beehives  to reserve  forests.

Virginia Chinsinsi Manda

Virginia Chinsinsi Manda is an Environmentalist with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Livingstonia.  Virginia is currently working under a government internship program at Dowa District Council in the Environment Office and also as a Part-time lecturer in Environmental Management at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (NRC campus). Virginia is a strong believer that it is everyone’s responsibility to guard the environment, regularly she commits herself in Environmental protection and restoration programs like compost manure making and recycling. Virginia enjoys fashion designing and sewing.

Dreah Phiri

Dreah Phiri is a good scientist by profession but an environmentalist by passion. Dreah is focused on impacting the community with mindset change which can lead to working together to fight negative climate change. Joining Green Girls Platform for her has been delightful since it is made of like minded Ladies working on Bringing a positive impact on Environment.

Modester Mercy Odala

Modester Mercy Odala is a current participant of Young Women Group of Negotiators of Climate Change. A female who is also working as a field officer (intern) at Action for sustainable Development organization, in order to achieve sustainable development. She graduated from the Lilongwe of Agriculture and natural resource college with a diploma in Environmental management.

Josephine chikapa

Josephine Chikapa IS based in Bangwe, Blantyre. She is a student at Natural Resources College, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in food technology, second year. She is an analytical thinker who has management skills and proven ability to interact with people from different cultural and traditional background.


Susan is a young Malawian lady. She  pursued a certificate in Sustainable agriculture and community nutrition at Jesuit refugee service in Dowa. Susan has under gone different trainings like business management and market linkages, permaculture, mushrooms production as well as group savings and loan training. Susan is currently a member of environmental and life protection youth club and she is volunteering at churches action in Relief And development as a coach of graduation approach project. Her passion is to see environmental is protected.

Precious Madeya

Precious Madeya currently lives in Luchenza, Thyolo. She has a Diploma in land administration and majored in surveying. Precious is doing an internship at Thyolo district council. She likes to participate in social things such as cleaning the environment, helping in mitigating climate change (that is affecting women and young girls) not only that but also likes to participate in providing road safety awareness, civic education, reducing road accidents and save lives

Ayina Mwamadi

Ayina Mwamadi is a holder of Bachelors in Human Science and Community Services obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural resources. She’s a member of Green Girls Platform, a female led organisation that works to achieve women’s participation in the environment. She has passion to make an impactful contribution for sustainable climate change solutions.

Jane Mwale

Jane Mwale is currently pursuing Diploma in Land Administration at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resource (LUANAR)at NRC campus

Talengi Kasambara

Talengi Kasambara is a holder of Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climate Science from the Malawi University of Science and Technology. She has a passion of finding solutions to climate change related disasters that has negatively affected the socioeconomic activities in her country.

Victoria Yurwe

Victoria Yurwe is a fourth-year student at LUANAR(Bunda) pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences. She is also a youth advocate in Climate action serving as a Vice President for Bunda Environmental Club, but  also served on the secretariat and class representative position from her third and second years respectively in this club. Victoria is an environmental advocate under the Climate Challenge Program Malawi under Trocaire working in rural areas where climate justice is being advocated for and is also a Climate Change leader under Malawi Scotland Partnership. She is an upcoming ecofeminist in the Green Girls Platform, where issues to do with Gender and Climate Change are being articulated.

Wishes Mokowa

Wishes Mokowa was admitted to St Joseph TTC and graduated in 2011. She began her career as a primary teacher in 2012. She is currently at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (City Campus) studying Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Education, a pending degree to be finished in 2023.