The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment shows highlights of powerful reality on what frontline’s face. Climate change is the greatest global, intergenerational, gender and social injustice of our time. Climate change greatly affects young women and girls in Malawi, despite having incredible policies, there is lack of implantation. Hence climate-related disasters continue to have catastrophic impacts for decades to come without urgent action. Pandemics are one of the impacts predicted to worsen in occurrence and severity due to climate change, such as Covid-19 which has amplified the impacts and compounded inequalities. Its impacts affect the rights of the most marginalised, most severely, magnify gender inequalities, and exacerbate inequitable social conditions, including access to education, SRHR, livelihoods and increases in child, early and forced marriage, poverty and displacement. Those who have contributed least to the problem, are most impacted by it.

It is with this background that Green Girls Platform with support from Peace-First conducted a Capacity Building Training on Evidence Based Advocacy and Leadership Skills and trained about 30 girls on the 18th December 2021 at Natural Resource College. During the session Evidence Based Advocacy was discussed allowing the young ladies to explore more about what Advocacy is all about and how to use evidence to influence policy implementation and push pressure on leaders. Discussions on leadership were also brought up, emphasizing more on the characteristics of a good leader and the qualities a good leader must have.

Green Girls Platform National Coordinator, tackled a few policies in Malawi and challenged the participants on how they would advocate for a particular policy to be implemented and how it should be carried out. Examples of popular activist that caught the world’s attention like Greta Thunberg was used to help the participants advocate and become better leaders.


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